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Barclaycard is part of Barclays Retail and Business Banking, is a global payment business. The Barclaycard was the first credit card introduced in the UK in 1966. It enjoyed little competition until the introduction of the Access card in 1972, today Barclaycard supplies approximately 1 in 5 cards in the UK.

Barclaycard then became part of the Visa network. Barclays offers MasterCard and Visa versions. Barclaycard claims it is Europe’s leading issuer of credit cards with 10.4 million customers in the UK and 10.8 million outside the UK. The typical interest rates on their cards range from 6.8% APR for customers with excellent credit ratings through to 29.9% APR for people with little or no credit history.

In the first half of 2010, the Financial Ombudsman Service reported that Barclays Bank Plc were the second most complained about finance company in the UK with 7,991 complaints. A massive 4,797 of these complaints were related to PPI, banking and credit products, with 61% of all complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service being upheld in the favour of the consumer.

A large number of these complaints could be in relation to mis sold Barclaycard payment protection insurance policies. As with almost every major bank and financial company in the United Kingdom offering credit to customers Barclaycard has provided there customers over the last 10-15 years with payment protection policies.

Claim PPI back from Barclaycard today

We understand that a lot of people making a PPI reclaim about Barclaycard still owe money to them. A large percentage is struggling to repay Barclaycard. If you are receiving nasty telephone calls from Barclaycard and/ or threatening letters from Barclaycard then a Debt Management Plan may be able to help. We work with a debt management company who could help you stop harassment over Barclaycard credit cards as well as work to freeze unfair charges from Barclaycard and high interest rates.
To find out more about how to get help with Barclaycard debt CLICK HERE.

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