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Barclays customers in the UK are receiving PPI refunds and in 2011 Barclays set aside £1 billion to cover the costs of the reimbursement due to mis-selling of PPI.

Barclays offer products ranging from loans and credit cards through to mortgages and Barclays PPI policies would have been offered in many cases.

In 2010 it was reported that Barclays was one of the largest financial service providers and the twenty first largest company in the united kingdom, whilst operating in over 50 counties across the world with approximately 48 million customers. In June 2010, Barclays was thought to have 1.94 trillion in assets, which is the third largest of any global bank.

Barclays was the second most complained about bank with 12,273 gripes in the latter part of 2011. 61% of these complaints were ruled in favour of the customer, with a staggering 95% of complaints relating to their insurance services being ruled in favour of the customer. While this the insurance services complaints would not have been entirely about mis-sold PPI policies through Barclays. It is highly probably the majority was in relation to mis-sold Barlcays PPI (Payment protection insurance) policies.

If you are a customer of Barclays and belive you may have been mis sold a Barclays PPI Policy then you could be entitled to compensation.

Claim your mis sold Barclays services today

We understand that a lot of people making a PPI reclaim about Barclays still owe money to them. A large percentage are struggling to repay Barclays loans and overdrafts. If you are receiving nasty telephone calls from Barclays and/ or threatening letters from Barclays then a Debt Management Plan may be able to help you. We work with a debt management company called who could help you stop harassment over barclays loans and barclays overdrafts as well as work to freeze unfair charges from Barclays and high interest rates.

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