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Black Horse

Black Horse is part of Lloyds Banking Group. They were another key bank involved in the mis-selling of PPI. It’s parent company Lloyds Banking Group has set aside £3.2 B pounds which they think it will cover all of the PPI refunds that are due to their customers.

As part of one of the Largest UK banks Blackhorse accounts for some of the large number of complaints Lloyds TSB received in 2011. It is likely a sizeable percentage of these complaints were in regards to Blackhorse PPI policies.

If you had either a Blackhorse Unsecured Loan or Blackhorse Car Finance Policy it is likely you had a Blackhorse PPI policy. Therefore you may have been mis sold the Blackhorse PPI policy

We understand that a lot of people making a Blackhorse PPI reclaim still owe money to them and may be struggling with their repayments to Blackhorse. If you get nasty phone calls from Blackhorse  or threatening letters from Blackhorse then a Debt Management Plan may be able to help you. We work with a debt management company, who could help you stop harassment over Blackhorse debt and well as work to freeze unfair charges from the Blackhorse and high interest rates.

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