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Q. What Is PPI?

A.PPI is payment protection insurance. It is normally sold with loans, mortgages and credit cards as well as other financial products to protect against accidents , illness and unemployment to cover the payments you make to your financial agreements. 

Q. How Do I Know If I Have PPI?

A. It should show up on your statements as a separate charge which would prove it is there. However in some cases such as PPI on loans it may not be as clear. As part of our service Petitions Direct will look at any credit agreements you suspect of having PPI

Q. How can I reclaim mis-sold PPI?

A. You can complain on your own behalf through a banks complaints procedure. However many people have chosen to remove the stress and burden by using a claims management company such as petitions direct who will work to claim back your mis-sold PPI policys on a no win no fee* basis for the money you deserve.

Q. How can I contact you?

A. You can telephone us on 01202 835 111 our opening hours are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM Monday to Friday or alternatively email us at info@petitionsdirect.co.uk . Or write to us at Petitions Direct, Po Box 7451, Poole, BH14 4EG.

Q. How much does a PPI reclaim cost? What are your Fees?

A. We only charge on a no win no fee* basis, Petitions Direct Charge 25% (+ VAT) of any financial benefit you receive though your claim.

Q. How long does a PPI reclaim take?

A. This can depend on the complexity of your case and the information you supply us. Many PPI reclaim companies will make guarantees that in a lot of cases cannot be met. Most cases should be dealt with by the lender within 8-12 weeks, however this may not produce a satisfactory outcome first time round and therefore we may have to take your reclaim complaint further to the financial ombudsman service on your behalf.

Q. Does making a PPI reclaim affect my relationship with the bank or lender?

A. NO. If you have been mis-sold anything then you are entitled to claim back you money. As the banks have started to accept that there is a large number of mis-sold PPI policies in fact some of the major banks such as Lloyds TSB have set aside billions to repay mis-sold PPI policies, it is unlikely the bank would put a ‘black mark’ against your name.

Q. Can making a PPI reclaim affect my credit rating?

A. No, if you have been mis-sold a product and make a claim you are reclaiming what is rightfully yours. You of course must keep up with your repayments on any active credit agreements otherwise your credit rating could be affected.

Q. If I can prove I paid PPI but outside 10 years can I claim?

A. Yes, having proof of payment will certainly improve your chances. We will make a PPI claim on your behalf regardless of policy age.

Q. I cant find any details of my loans and credit cards to make a PPI reclaim

In most cases we will require some details to start a claim however don’t hesitate to contact us as we can certainly do our best to help you find all necessary information.

Q. How are claims management companies regulated?

A. We are regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulate claims management activities.

Q. Do I have to claim within a certain time scale?

A. Yes there are set timeframes for making claims, most cases the last payment on the policy should be no more than 6 years ago, although please contact us if you have any queries.

Can I claim back PPI on old loans and credit cards?

Absolutely, you can claim on closed accounts as long as it is within the stated timeframe from when you made your last payment.

Q. Will the finance company contact me directly?

A. Possibly, however just refer them to us and we will deal with the query for you.