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The simple answer is yes you can. Many news outlets and companies are now campaigning for people to claim back PPI themselves. While this can be done, Petitions Direct explains some of the reason people do want to use claims management companies.

Not everyone will need the help of a claims management company. However if you feel that you have been mis-sold PPI in the past and have either had an unsuccessful claim, not had the time to look into it or feel unconfident that you would be successful yourself then consider using a claims management company. The key is to always be aware of the costs and only use a company such as Petitions Direct that works on a strictly no win no fee* basis.

Which and Money Saving Expert are among the brands who have started to campaign for people to reclaim payment protection insurance themselves rather than use a claims management company. Some outlets have in fact offered guidelines on how to do it yourself.

Unfortunately it seems some firms with high pressure outbound telephone sales tactics have been putting pressure on customers not to mention the almost forgotten issues of some older firms once requesting £100’s in start-up fees. While these actions cannot be condoned and do bring a bad name to any industry where a client could claim back the PPI themselves. Petitions Direct have found a number of reasons why some customers still choose to use a reclaim company.

“This can be down to a number of reasons” a representative of Petitions Direct said, “Some people do not have the time to write the letters and follow up on correspondence for PPI reclaims. Others have become disillusioned in their previous attempts and feel they still may be entitled but do not know where to turn. While others find the whole situation confusing due to a number of reasons and feel better off handing the work to someone else”.

Unlike debt management where there are charities that can help you for free. Payment protection insurance reclaim has no body set up with helpful volunteers that can guide and assist you in your attempts to reclaim PPI. While the majority of people may be happy to use templates and online guides, others with limited knowledge of the internet or time may not be able to put the effort required for a successful claim without help. This does not account for the time spent on the telephone to the banks and financial ombudsman service providing extra information.

While many banks have “shoe-horned” mis-sold PPI monies ready for payout, it is unlikely that they will freely give these billions away. Every case will be fully analysed by the banks to ensure what is paid out is as little as possible. If you do not feel you have been offered what you are owed then you should take your case to the Financial Ombudsman Service