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Petitions Direct will help you track down any PPI policies you had, and help you claim them back if you feel you might have been mis-sold. Contact us today to start reclaiming any mis-sold PPI.

To do this, fill in the form to the right to start a claim with us today, phone us on 01202 835111, or email us at info@petitionsdirect.co.uk

Looking to start one or a number of PPI reclaims? Don’t remember if your old loans have PPI or lost your account details and not sure how to find out. Read below for a guide on how to find all you need to start your PPI reclaim.

I have forgotten who I had loans with, how can I find out to see if I have PPI to reclaim?

The easiest way is to contact us. Petitions Direct will help you find any PPI policies you might have had and start a claim for you.

You can also check your credit report through Credit services such as Experian.. It will list any credit accounts you had in the last 6 years, even if you have now paid them off. This can be done easily for around £2 from Equifax, Experian or call credit.  This will provide you with all the account information you need to start looking at your PPI reclaim.

I don’t have my PPI account numbers; do I need them to reclaim PPI?

This will depends on a few things including the bank and the age of your policy. Some can find you with just name and address and others may need the account number of the credit the PPI was attached to and some may need a specific PPI account number.

If you are still a customer then all companies should be able to easily find your account details from name and address. However it can be harder to process if your account has been closed.

The final option you have to obtain all information for PPI reclaims is to contact the provider with as much detail as you have and request a full breakdown of your account called a subject access request (this can cost £10).

I don’t have the paperwork or terms of the original finance agreement what will I need

Although it is easier to make PPI reclaims if you have the original agreement and terms, it isn’t always necessary. You can contact your lender directly before starting any PPI reclaims to ask for a copy of the agreement you signed. (Terms change over time so ensure it is a copy of what you signed, ideally the copy with your signature on).

Under the Consumer Credit Act, if your account’s still open you’ve a legal right to get your agreement from the lender for £1. However if the account is closed then you would need to pay the £10 for a full breakdown of the account.

How can I tell on the paperwork if I had PPI

Have a look on your paperdfwork for any mention of PPI, Payment Protection Insurance. It could be under such phrases as “insurance payment”, “Payment Cover” or “loan Protection” on your regular statements.

If you aren’t sure if you had PPI, check the breakdown of your account for a one-off or monthly insurance payment, e.g., ‘payment cover’, ‘protection plan’, ‘loan protection’ or ‘loan care’. These are all signs of some form of PPI policy.

You can contact us today by going to our Contact Us page, phoning us on 01202 835111, or emailing us at info@petitionsdirect.co.uk