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What is the time limit for PPI reclaims, I heard it was 6 years is this true?

This is a complete mis-conception about PPI reclaims, people often talk about a 6 year PPI reclaim time limit for accounts with PPI. This can often be mistaken as saying that you cannot reclaim payment protection insurance on policies over 6 years old. The truth is you may still be able to reclaim PPI.

You can make a claim for PPI whether you were mis-sold the policy 3 years ago or 13 years ago. The 6 year talk in fact relates to the length of time a provider is required to keep your paperwork on file.

The difference is that after this time you will certainly need to have paperwork regarding the PPI policy including proof it existed as well as a copy of the PPI policy terms. Do remember that it is 6 years AFTER your agreement ends that the provider must hold onto records so you may have a bit longer on the 6 year time limit than you think to reclaim PPI if you don’t have the paperwork.

Please note, a PPI claims must be made within three years of becoming aware of the mis-selling

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