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Would you like to know how much of a PPI reclaim you are entitled to? – Have a look below first.

A lot of people would like to know the answer to the question “how much PPI am I entitled to?”

PPI Calculators are a great tool in theory. You input a few details and it shows you the PPI refund that you are entitled to.  However there are so many different factors that can affect a Payment Protection Insurance reclaims that it would be impossible to give anywhere near an accurate prediction without going through pages of questions.

Some of the more common reasons for inaccuracy are the varying ways of calculating PPI reclaims from different loan and credit card providers as well as how you have repaid the credit agreement in the past.

Rather than use a calculator we suggest contacting Petitions Direct as a PPI Reclaims company and receiving a personal assessment.  We will run through all of the necessary information with you which we can use to then asses if you are eligible to reclaim mis-sold PPI and how much redress you are entitled to.

Many people who have used a PPI reclaims calculator in the past have found that the figure was extremely inaccurate. Most who have contacted Petitions Direct have found they are pleasantly surprised by what we estimate as a PPI reclaims amount.

Contact Us now to find out how much PPI you could be entitled to